THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO. 1. Chapter 1 Marseilles -- The Arrival n the 24th of February, , the look-out at. Notre-Dame de la Garde signalled the. The Count of Monte. Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, Pere. Styled by LimpidSoft .. for ten minutes at the island of Monte Cristo to settle the dispute–a proposition. Free site book and epub digitized and proofread by Project The Count of Monte Cristo, Illustrated by Alexandre Dumas. Book Cover.

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Free PDF, epub, site ebook. By Alexandre Dumas. The story takes place in France, Italy, islands in the Mediterranean, and in the Levant during the historical. This book is available for free download in a number of formats - including epub, pdf, azw, mobi and more. You can also read the full text online using our. () and its sequels, together with The Count of Monte Cristo (‒6), his most enduring novels, have not only delighted generations of read- ers but made .

We bring to his widow his sword and cross of honor. It was worth while, truly," added the young man with a melancholy smile, "to make war against the English for ten years, and to die in his bed at last, like everybody else. If not, why, there would be no promotion; and since you assure me that the cargo—" "Is all safe and sound, M.

Morrel, take my word for it; and I advise you not to take 25, francs for the profits of the voyage. Morrel," said Dantes, observing the owner's impatience, "here is your supercargo, M. Danglars, coming out of his cabin, who will furnish you with every particular.

As for me, I must look after the anchoring, and dress the ship in mourning. He had a woman he loved and was going to marry named Mercedes. A loving father. And he was going to be captain of the wonderful ship, Pharaon. The the jealous bastards or just bastards in general ruined life for Dantes. Danglars 2. Fernand 3. Villefort I hate these men with such a passion I just wanted someone to kill their evil selves.

All of the jerks had a hand in putting Dantes in prison for 14 effing years! For what? Dantes was in such despair he was going to starve himself to death. I can't even!

Then one night Dantes hears a scratching sound and soon realizes someone is tunneling. Dantes decides to tunnel as well. At some point the two of them tunnel to each other. Dantes gets to meet Abbe Faria, the mad man so they say in the cell next door. Abbe Faria thinks he's tunneling out to freedom but he made a miscalculation. But Dantes and Abbe devise a new plan and this takes some years to do all of this tunneling. But the Abbe is old and sick and having seizures.

He's not going to be able to make it so Dantes waits with him. He is like another father figure to Dantes. And who in the hell but Dantes would wait and not leave his friend. Dantes advanced to the corner and attacked the ground with the pickax. He struck against iron. More frantic digging revealed an oak chest with steel trim.

The crest of the Spada family was engraved on the lid. Dantes inserted the sharp end of the pickax between the chest and the lid and pressed with all his strength. The fastenings burst open and three compartments stood before him. Bars of unpolished gold were stacked in the second.

Dantes grasped handfuls of diamonds, pearls, and rubies from the third. They sounded like hail against glass as he let them fall back on one another in the chest. Dantes saw daylight disappearing and left the cave. He ate a piece of biscuit and some wine for his supper. He snatched a few hours of sleep near the mouth of the cave.

This done, he impatiently waited for the return of his companions. On the sixth day, the smugglers returned. When the Young Amelia arrived at Leghorn, Dantes visited a dealer of precious stones. He sold four of his smallest diamonds for 5, francs each. The following day, Dantes presented Jacopo with a new vessel and money to hire a suitable 44 crew and supplies. He said his new wealth was from an inheritance.

Dantes charged Jacopo with an errand. Jacopo was to sail directly to Marseille and inquire after an old man named Louis Dantes and a young female named Mercedes, who lived in the Catalan village. The next day, Jacopo left. He had directions to rejoin Dantes at the island of Monte Cristo after his errand. Dantes departed for Genoa and bought a yacht there after being struck by its beauty and capability. He sailed the yacht to Monte Cristo. The isle was deserted, and his treasure was just as he had left it.

The following morning, Dantes began moving his riches to the yacht. By nightfall, the whole of his immense wealth was stored in secret compartments. A mournful answer was brought back to Dantes. Old Dantes was dead and Mercedes had disappeared. He coolly presented an English passport he had downloadd in Leghorn to the port officers. Under the name Lord Wilmore, Dantes entered the town of his youth. In these disguises, he gathered information about his friends and his foes. He discovered Monsieur Morrel had pleaded for Dantes twenty times before Monsieur de 46 Villefort and had tried to help old Dantes.

Morrel had been mistreated for his efforts and was on the edge of ruin after losing five ships in two years. Dressed in a bright blue frock coat and light yellow trousers, Dantes hurried to the Morrel house. Instead of the feeling of life, comfort, and happiness that had once filled the air there, Dantes sensed sadness and gloom. Where once there had been many clerks bustling with work, only two remained.

The other was an old one-eyed cashier named Cocles. Monsieur Morrel offered a seat to the stranger and took his own chair behind a table upon which rested a large accounting ledger.

Will you pay promptly?

This only increases my desire to serve you. Do you wish time to pay? How long a delay do you wish for? Adieu, mademoiselle! On August 20, he took a seat in the mail coach to Paris.

As a last chance Morrel had thought of Danglars, who was now very rich. If Danglars was willing merely to give his word for a loan, Morrel was saved. On his arrival home, Morrel said not one harsh word. He embraced his weeping wife and daughter and went to his private room. On the morning of September 5, a man brought a letter to Julie.

The Count of Monte Cristo

It concerns the best interests of your father. Ask the porter for the key to the room on the fifth floor. Enter it and take from the fireplace mantel a red silk purse. Give it to your father. Remember your oath. She showed him the letter.

He wrote letters to those he loved most. Monsieur 51 52 Morrel placed the muzzle of a pistol between his teeth. He heard his daughter cry out. The pistol fell from his hand. She held out a red silk purse. Morrel took the purse. Monsieur Morrel was marveling at the contents when Emmanuel entered. They say she is now coming into port! In an instant they were among the crowd on the pier. It precisely resembled the other Pharaon and was loaded with the same profitable goods.

Captain Gaumand was giving orders on deck. As Morrel and his son embraced on the pier, a man with his face disguised by a black beard watched the scene with delight. The man once again looked toward Morrel.

I have rewarded the good, now to punish the wicked! Their son, Albert, lived in a pavilion situated in a corner of the Morcerf court. On the morning of May 21, , preparation was being made in the pavilion for visitors. It is the hour I told the count. Since then, who knows where he may have gone! I will tell you something about my guest.

I was informed I was a prisoner until I paid the sum of 4, Roman crowns. I had not above 1, left. I wrote to Franz that if he did not come with the money before six, I would be killed.

The Count of Monte Cristo, Illustrated by Alexandre Dumas

The chief of the bandits, Luigi Vampa, would have kept his word. His name is the Count of Monte Cristo. There is half-past ten striking, Albert. He advanced smiling into the center of the room. Albert held out his hand to him and introduced the other men. They passed into the breakfast room. I beg you to excuse anything in me that is too Turkish, too Italian, or too Arabian. I gave him some gold coins for it. In gratitude Vampa gave me a dagger with a hilt that he had carved himself.

I might have handed him over to the Rome justice, but I did not. I let them depart with the simple condition that they should respect myself and my friends. I sent my valet here a week ago. He knows my tastes and wants. This paper has the address of my new abode.

At half-past two, Debray rose from his seat. Au revoir, gentlemen. Are you coming, Morrel? The men left, leaving Monte Cristo alone with Albert.

The count and countess desire to thank you in person. Monte Cristo stopped before it. It was a young woman of twenty-six with lustrous eyes. She wore the costume of a Catalan fisherwoman in black and red. Monte Cristo gazed intently at the picture. So, my mother gave it to me for my rooms. Another door opened on the other side of the room and the Count of Monte Cristo found himself opposite to the Count de Morcerf.

Although younger, the Count de Morcerf looked at least fifty. His black mustache and eyebrows looked strange with his almost white hair.

Monte Cristo turned hastily and saw Madame de Morcerf at the entrance of the room. She stood pale and motionless. She smiled. Will you do us the honor of passing the rest of the day with us? After bidding him farewell, Albert returned to his mother.

She was reclining in a large velvet armchair with her face covered by a veil. Albert, do you think the count is really what he appears to be? A man of high distinction? He will have the greatest success in Paris. This very morning he made his entry amongst us and struck every man with amazement— even Chateau-Renaud. Thinking her asleep, Albert left the apartment on tiptoe. In Paris, the fashion was to never appear at the opera until after the performance had begun.

The first act was played with the noise of opening and shutting doors and the buzz of many conversations. Albert and Chateau-Renaud reached their seats to find the whole audience gazing toward the box formerly owned by the ambassador of Russia.

The young men noticed a man of about forty who was accompanied by a young, beautiful woman dressed in rich magnificence.

She is a poor unfortunate Greek left under my care. Her name is Haidee. Haidee caught sight of them, uttered a faint cry, and threw herself in her seat. The count returned to Haidee. As soon as she saw him she seized his hand. His fortune was the price of his treachery!

Let us go, I beseech you. I feel it would kill me to remain longer near that dreadful man. Soon, Monte Cristo planned a small dinner party at his new country house in Auteuil.

The house had been owned by the de Villefort 69 family. In only a few days, his servant Bertuccio tastefully furnished the house and planted poplars and sycamores to shade different parts of the lawn. Monsieur de Villefort entered his former home looking disturbed. Baptistin announced more guests. Dressed in entirely new clothes, the son advanced into the room smiling.

The Cavalcanti are all descended from princes. They have some business with you from what they told me. He went to him. Count for yourself. She is the woman of the garden! And him! Monsieur de Villefort, the royal prosecutor?

Yes, I see him. Life is very stubborn in these lawyers. Calm yourself and count the guests. You forget one of my guests. Look at Monsieur Andrea Cavalcanti, that young man. They passed into the dining room and sat down to a magnificent feast. It was quite gloomy to look at.

If the house had not belonged to the father-in-law 72 of the royal prosecutor, one might think it some cursed place where a horrible crime had been committed. It seemed to breathe sadness. I will show it to you and then we will take coffee in the garden. They began walking through many rooms, all beautifully redecorated. They came to the room that was dark and not redecorated. A 73 declaration should be made before competent authorities.

The other guests followed. In it was the skeleton of a newly born infant. Who said it was buried alive? Monte Cristo saw that the two persons for whom he had prepared this scene could bear no more. The rest of the evening passed quietly.

Danglars spent much time talking with the Cavalcantis.

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He was charmed by the size of their fortune. He invited the major to ride home in his carriage. Count Andrea called for his own.

Just as he placed a polished boot on the carriage step, a hand touched his shoulder. Turning, he saw a strange, sunburned face covered in a beard. Take care or I may become troublesome.

I shall look like a retired baker.

This is my wish. At the foot of the hill, he dismounted and climbed a winding path. At the summit, he found a hedge surrounding a little garden. Monte Cristo stepped back and struck himself against something crouching behind a wheelbarrow. A man of about fifty years rose with an exclamation. Does it require much study to learn the art of telegraphing?

Monte Cristo looked at the machine. They are indeed holidays to me. I plant, trim, prune, and kill insects all day long. Thank you, sir. It signals that in five minutes it will speak.

I am not likely to do those things. Here are 15, francs.

Five thousand to download a little house with two acres of land and the rest to add to your yearly income. The next telegraph man repeated those same signals to be carried to the Minister of the Interior. Don Carlos has fled from Bourges and returned to Spain. The same evening the newspaper reported Don Carlos had returned to Spain. Those who had kept their bonds thought themselves ruined.

A telegraphic signal was improperly intercepted because of fog. This made a loss of 1 million francs to Danglars. The servant announced Monsieur Albert de Morcerf.

Beauchamp exclaimed as his friend trampled the newspapers scattered around the room. Here, I brought my copy with me. The Grand Vizier, Ali Tebelen, had possessed the greatest trust in the officer.

You will print a denial of the statement, will you not? I will take pains to investigate the matter thoroughly. I will need three weeks. If I find the statement is false, I will print a denial. When the delay demanded by Beauchamp had nearly expired, Albert was wakened by his servant. The servant announced Beauchamp was waiting to speak to him. After dressing quickly, Albert found Beauchamp pacing the room where the servant had placed him.

Here is a proof of it. It was a declaration of four noble men who lived in Yanina. It proved Fernand Mondego had surrendered the castle for 2 million crowns. Albert tottered and fell into a chair. Do you wish these proofs to be destroyed?

How shall I approach my father?Monsieur de Villefort, the royal prosecutor? A sailor named Jacopo gave him a shirt, a pair of trousers, a piece of bread, and something to drink. I sought to form one large Italy instead of allowing it to be split up into many petty districts.

However, his plans have devastating consequences for the innocent as well as the guilty. It was always an event at Marseille for a ship to come into port. I plant, trim, prune, and kill insects all day long. He struck against iron. The next telegraph man repeated those same signals to be carried to the Minister of the Interior. But Dantes and Abbe devise a new plan and this takes some years to do all of this tunneling.