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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Harper W. Boyd Jr. (Little Rock, AR) is a professor at the University of Arkansas. Sir Paul McCartney just turned 70 and to celebrate, Copia is giving away free eBook editions of With the Beatles by Alstair Taylor. Taylor, who. A free collection of about 50 of our favorite CultureSonar articles about The Beatles. Themes include Songwriting & Musicianship; Production; Film; Women, .

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Bob Spitz Robert Spitz. Little, Brown and Company. Alles van Bob Spitz.

Samenvatting As soon as The Beatles became famous, the spin machine began to construct a myth--one that has continued to this day. But the truth is much more interesting, much more exciting, and much more moving.

In this bestselling book, Bob Spitz has written the biography for which Beatles fans have long waited. Recensie s A real page-turner A vibrant and exhaustive factual and emotional picture of John, Paul, George, and Ringo's early life and times It actually adds some new information--or at least a fresh analysis--to this often-told story The lads's schoolboy years are told in captivating detail Engagingly written, meticulously researched and documented, and tremendously insightful.

The Beatles respects its subjects without canonizing them Best of all, at the end of the long and winding road, it sends us back home to the music. His encyclopedic grasp pervades every page. Spitz's genius is how he stitches together available Beatles knowledge with the artistry of a fine novelist.

What makes Spitz's book a standout is his attention to visual detail He has a knack for description and for cliffhangers. Every chapter of The Beatles promises more misery for the lads, more pleasure, more surprise. The Beatles comes as close to being a quick read as any page book has a right to be Spitz also does a remarkable job capturing the distinct qualities of each Beatle.

"There's Nothing Left to Say About The Beatles" eBook: Vol 1 FREE

Packed with details and anecdotes that bring the Fab Four to life Spitz's group portrait should now be considered the definitive Beatles biography. The first third of this opus is a treasure chest of revelation Spitz demonstrates his deep research and writing chops by transporting us to the place where it all began This book reminds us--in generous detail--that the Fab Four were just people.

The early chapters are irresistible; they have the hypnotic effect of a film clip run backward.

Startlingly well-reported and consistently engaging Even though the Beatles story is well known, Spitz has fleshed it out fully, revealing the flawed, singularly creative human beings behind the lovable moptop image What Spitz does exceptionally well is contextualize.

A deep, serious, and accomplished account worthy of the most important band in the world A book that, although exceptionally lengthy, is actually the perfect size Spitz expertly captures the sense of time and place to frame his story. The Beatles amplifies and corrects some of what is known about the band's formative years.

It shapes a particularly vivid picture of the young, surly John Lennon It powerfully evokes both the excitement and the price of such a sudden rise A captivating picture that hasn't been seen before. Toon meer Toon minder. Lees de eerste pagina's. Reviews Schrijf een review.

Bobber 26 november Their first motion picture, untitled at this time, was due to begin shooting on March 2nd, and songs for the film needed to be fully recorded before the movie could be started.

The seven song requirement meant they had to get cracking right away, so after filming a television appearance on February 23rd, they headed to EMI studio two on February 25th ready for work.

John also sang lead vocals live along with the instruments. A decision was made to include backing vocals from Paul and George, so by take nine, which ended up being the keeper, all three vocalists were singing live on this basic recording.

George Martin wasted no time in creating the mono mix for the song. March 10th saw George Martin and Norman Smith for some unknown reason performing a stereo mix of the song along with six other mixes that was experimental and never used.

The true stereo mix, however, contains the rhythm track drums, bass and George's guitar mostly in the left channel with John's rhythm guitar and solo mostly in the right channel. All the vocals are centered in the mix. Capitol Records desired to record the group live for release as a US-only album, since George Martin vetoed the idea for the British market.

The second day of taped rehearsals in Twickenham Studios on January 3rd, , saw The Beatles go over the song again after nearly four and a half years of it not being touched. From this, he produced a magnificent version of the song to be used as a bonus track on the long-awaited re-release of "Live At The Hollywood Bowl.

PHOTOGRAPH, The New Ebook By Ringo Starr Available Now On The iBookstore

A guitar solo section is included following the verse structure, followed by an additional bridge and verse before the song closes. The same riff is then repeated for the remaining two measures of the introduction joined by the rest of the band, cowbell and bongos included.

We then enter into the first 12 measure verse, highlighted by a melody line emphasizing the quarter notes of the measures. The twelfth measure takes us back to the D chord, which is a perfect segue into another verse. The second verse contains some subtle but interesting changes, one being the melody line now focusing on eighth notes instead of quarter notes. The second change is the appearance of answering backing vocals from Paul and George starting from the sixth measure.

The verse ends identically as the first did except for staying on the G chord to propel them into the bridge. The unpredictable chord changes in this eight measure bridge snake along with the bluesy melody line and background vocals to generate an engaging vibe.

The seventh and eighth measure display the jabbing staccato eighth notes heard in the verses, which move the song nicely back to the third and final verse of the pattern.

This third verse reverts back to ending in a D chord to segue into the solo section of the song, which is performed over the complete set of verse chords. Lennon himself steps out for the first time on record playing lead guitar, creating tension while the background vocals chant along the title of the song.

John was quite proud of the conclusion to this song. Like a piano. He does not express these feelings in an apologetic way, but aggressively and in a justifiably demanding way. Therefore he fears being laughed at by onlookers if the appearance shows she might be interested in someone else.A limited-edition hand-bound book, signed by Ringo Starr, will follow in December Each copy will benefit The Lotus Foundation.

You mean a solo record? Keith Badman The Beatles: Geschreven bij The Beatles Honderden boeken zijn er al geschreven over de "Fab 4", maar Bob Spitz doet een moedige poging om de ultieme biografie over de Beatles te schrijven.

No more violin squeak in the first verse and no more fret noise in the final verse. And they certainly did, the record topping the Billboard singles charts for four straight weeks and selling a million copies. Unseen images taken by Ringo and from his personal archives - accompanied by his audio, text and video captions - are showcased here for the very first time to give unprecedented insight into the life of a Beatle. Vaak samen gekocht.

We then enter into the first 12 measure verse, highlighted by a melody line emphasizing the quarter notes of the measures.